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June 19, 2012
By TheUnknownMe SILVER, Hartford, Michigan
TheUnknownMe SILVER, Hartford, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
Work to make a living, but don't live to work.
A picture is worth a thousand words, but is a thousand words worth a picture.
A true artist looks into themselve and finds their inmost feelings, while a creative person sees color and form.

I hate you.

I hate you for finding me again, after all these years.
For making me feel like I'm all that could matter.
I hate you for the broken promise of no more tears.
For gluing back my heart that just so happens to shatter.

I hate you for telling me "We can do anything."
For making me feel like family.
I hate you for telling me you love the way I sing.
For loving me so freely.

I hate you for no realizing, we were falling apart.
For all the tears I cried for you.
I hate you for breaking my heart.
For all the times you said you didn't know what to do.

Did you even want to try. Did our love finally die. In your eyes, all that mattered was us, never apart. Now we are nothing, another shadow on my shrunken heart. Why? All I ask is why. Why did we end this way?

So, I hate you.

I hate you for giving me a life, then taking back.
For promising a love, that would last forever, then tearing it down.
I hate you for the tears I cried, and you never kept track.
For all the hope you gave to me, then burying it under ground.

Most of all I hate you.
For making me love you.
This much.

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