June 19, 2012
By MyOwn11 BRONZE, Green Cove Springs, Florida
MyOwn11 BRONZE, Green Cove Springs, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
Monsters are real, and ghosts are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes, they win.
-Stephen King

I cannot begin to express how you amaze me.
The colors in your world must be so different than mine, love.
Oh, the innocence of children...
do you know what pain is?
No.. the only pain you know is that from a scratch.
A scrape.
From a sharp corner or the concrete:
Already forgotten, gone with only the faintest scar in it's memory.
Only simple sadness can reach your heart...
The kind that doesn't leave damage..happiness outshines the dark.
Sparkling explosions of light,
back when all things were new.
Everything was important,
every last spec of dust was special
just because it was there, and you can see it.
I know that you can see more than I do:
Faeries hidden in bird's feathers,
rainbows behind the lines on a blank piece of paper.
The world is unfamiliar..
No laws.
No rules.
No fear.
To you
A rock is alive, and a tissue will keep it warm.
Bugs are simply the smallest creatures..
still full of magic
just like everything and everyone else.
Tables are the biggest obstacles,
toys are everything you need in a best friend,
loneliness is just a strange, grown up word.
People are all friendly and everyone

loves you.
yes, sweetheart.

Right now everyone loves you.

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