I Am (The girl in the "Secret Annex")

June 19, 2012
By VoiceOfABlackWomen BRONZE, Oceanside, California
VoiceOfABlackWomen BRONZE, Oceanside, California
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I am an outgoing and imaginative girl that lives in a “Secret Annex”
I wonder why a man like any other human could hate us to the extent of mass execution.
I hear the sorrow of once a lively town named Amsterdam, turn into wasteland with Nazis at every corner
I want the sensation of crisp a cool breeze, the glowing sun, and the murmur of people, outside again
I am outgoing, imaginative, but open put them together and there’s my personality

I pretend to approach friend and family different than I approach myself
I feel the hostilities and aggravations grow between ourselves as everyday in the “Secret Annex” go by
I touch people’s hearts in my way, but the outcome is I’m rejected as we grow farther away
I worry about my life yonder, if it will end at concentration or death camp or see me children and their children grow old?
I cry for those who aid us in this struggle to survive, thinking their day’s captivity are soon to come and later their death
I am outgoing, imaginative, open-minded, but together I’m just like you a modern teenager

I understand the things girlies our age goes thru; can you blame me I’m just like you?
I say that there are good people in the world, no matter who you are
I dream that prejudice, stereotype, and racism will cease to exist
I try to understand why some can fight the change, but others can’t
I hope the world will look past our differences and find peace
I am an outgoing, imaginative, open-minded, a modern teenager like you, but I’m different because my name is Anne Frank the girl in the “Secret Annex”

The author's comments:
I wrote this for language arts project in school but ended up getting caught up in the thought of Anne Franks Life. This I AM poem is based on Anne Frank!

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