What I wanna be

June 20, 2012
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I want to be an artist
Paint a Mona Lisa
On the ceiling of the Sistine
Maybe chisel a Pieta if I have a second.
Check out a Starry Night if I have a few.
I wanna be an artist
But I have bad hand-eye coordination and I like my ear.

I want to be a musician
Because Picasso's not abstract
Enough to make me see my emotions
Where hearing piano is fortississississississississississimo
Where fermatas are never short enough
So Beethoven doesn't like symphonies
And Bach goes contemporary
I wanna be a musician
But I don't want to be deaf

I want to be a detective
Use a big looking glass
But never know when the camera
Pans to the clue two steps behind me

Better yet I want to be a detective
On one of those fancy super cool crime shoes
Better than Blues Clues or Sherlock Holmes,
I'll fight the baddest perps and I'll win every time.
It's elementary my dear Watson,
And I'll have a slick pose during the theme song
Hold out my badge because
I'm in the criminal justice system
Duh dun.
I wanna be a detective actress in a famous series
But those don't get paid nearly enough

I want to be a billionaire
CEO and director of the world
I'll tell everyone what to do
And how to do it
Travie McCoy will ask to use my name
In all his top 10 songs
And I'll fire Donald Trump from my new hit show
'All about me'
I wanna be a billionaire
But I'm not good under pressure
and I hear they sometimes get cancer

I'll be kind and funny,
Outgoing but quiet,
Spunky with some class,
Blunt yet polite.
I think this career day I'll be

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