June 16, 2012
By Anonymous

Let me go,
I don’t want to be here anymore,
I will burn in hell,
Rather than take another day,
Dealing with this torture.
I’m not strong enough,
I thought I could handle it,
But I was wrong,
Dead wrong.
I’m dying here,
This experiment is killing me,
I can’t take it anymore.
Trapped in this loony bin,
Different doctors every day,
Different experiments they want to try.
I am not a science experiment,
When you change stuff,
I feel every single thing you chance,
My body shows the sings of it,
You people are killing me,
From the inside out.
Can’t you see I can’t take it much longer,
I’m either going to crack,
Or die.
Then what will you monsters do?
Will you find another person,
Some other innocent child?
Will you make them feel like a caged animal?
Will you torture them with what you mistake for knowledge?
Will you break them,
Like you have done with me?
I won’t forgive any of you demons,
You are the reasons for my problems.
I was wrong,
It wasn’t my parents fault,
They did what they thought was right,
It is all you doctors faults.
All the hundreds of doctors,
Who have no heart,
Or one of you would have seen,
I’m was a kid,
I can’t take all these changes,
They all cause pain.
How can you ignore my cries,
My pleads for help,
To make the pain stop.
How can you be so cold,
I was a little girl,
Not some stupid experiment that didn’t feel all the changes,
Because I felt every single new medicine.
All those drugs you injected into my bloodstream,
They have made it so I’m not healthy anymore,
It’s not healthy for me to be under a hundred pounds,
It’s not healthy for me to take steroids twice a month,
It’s not healthy for me to turn blue after I run,
It’s not freaking healthy for me to feel like I’m not normal.
Please just stop,
All of you,
Let me go,
I don’t want your help,
I don’t want this anymore,
I didn’t want it in the first place.
Just please,
I’m begging you,
Let me die,
It would be nicer of you.
Just take a little mercy,
Have a little bit of a heart.
Look who I’m asking to have a heart,
People who obviously don’t have one left.
Let me handle my body,
I know what’s best for it,
I’m the one who feels it all.
I’m the one who hardly eats,
Throws up practically whenever I run now,
Doesn’t sleep because the nightmares are so bad,
Can’t function properly without drugs anymore,
I’m the one who is trapped in the body,
Let me decide what I want to do.
I don’t want these medicines,
I want to be let go,
I’m not a wild animal,
Don’t treat me like one.

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