June 16, 2012
By Ridiculouslyme PLATINUM, Vancouver, Washington
Ridiculouslyme PLATINUM, Vancouver, Washington
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The world is full of people who make bad decisions but bad decisions don't make bad people.

They yell, cry, and laugh. All letting it out. I just sit there silent and resigned, too lost in my own thoughts to even pay attention to what they say. I try to pull my head out of my back-side and listen. My intentions of coming here was to solve my problems. Everyone else has no problem telling complete strangers their issues. But of course I'm the odd one out. Sitting in the corner with a blank expression on my face. Hiding the damage and hurt in my fragile heart. So I continue on, solving my problems in my own head. Getting up at the end of the session, no feelings dealt with, no weight lifted off my chest. I just walk back to the parking lot. Unemotional. Unresigned.

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