The World's View Through My Eyes

June 16, 2012
By LilChip666 BRONZE, Flatonia, Texas
LilChip666 BRONZE, Flatonia, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
In the end, we're all just chalklines on the concrete. Drawn only to be washed away. For the time that i've been given, I am what I am. --Five Finger Death Punch

Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.
--Cesar Cruz

My fingers wrap around the brush,
The paint, like a magnet one the bristles.
My imagination soars with my hand.
On paper, it comes to life, breathes.
Inhale, exhale, through the paper.
My hand copying my brain's image.
Down on paper, my thoughts go,
Beautiful hues of dark and light.
Appearing on canvas, the lines are made,
Painting my soul onto the parchment.
Through my eyes,
This is how I see the world.

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