June 16, 2012
He was jock and she was a band geek
He loved the sports
She loved the sounds
He sat with the football players
She ate with the drumline
He watched the NFL for fun
She thought fun was marching in the sun
He thought he would date cheerleaders for ever
And was fine with that
She said she only fall in love with someone
Who wears a dorky band hat
But one faithful day
At a game where he was the star
At half time she walked on to the field
And he saw her from afar
The way her eyes lit up
Because she was having fun
And this boy said to himself
“That girl, she’s the one”
He was scared at first
For she might turn him down
His palms became sweaty
When she came around
He went up to her and said hi
She replayed with a hey
And they’ve been the best of friends
Since that faithful homecoming day
But he will never tell her
“I’m in love with you”
For he thinks she won’t reply back
With an “I love you too…”
But little does he know
That she feels the same way
She will say “I love you…”

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