Back in Eighth Grade

June 16, 2012
By M.S.H.O SILVER, Point Arena, California
M.S.H.O SILVER, Point Arena, California
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Favorite Quote:
"Stop petting my hair."

I know that it’s late,
And it’s time to leave.
But I just need to ask you one thing.
You don’t have to be polite.
And you don’t have to lie.
I just need to know before we go home,
I need you to tell me whether you meant what you said.
When we were in that place between the dark and the light,
Where the cold drew me to your arms.
I need you to tell me when you’re sincere,
And when you’re not.
Because I don’t think that I can tell anymore.
There was a time when I did,
But that is a long time to remember.
Though I remember something back in eighth grade.
It’s something that I won’t forget.
You told me that my hair felt nice,
And you wrapped your hand around the back of my neck,
Your hand was warm and it made my whole body warm-
You kept your hand there,
And I felt secure.
In that moment I knew that your feelings were sincere.
But now is different.
And we act like how we did,
Back in eighth grade,
But it doesn’t feel the same.
It doesn’t feel like you mean what you say.
It does at times.
But it feels more like lust than anything,
And I get that we are older now,
But I need you to help me,
I feel uncertain and unsure.
You need to tell me honestly-
Tell me if we will be together again.
I know that what we’re doing is fine for you,
But I need something more.
I need for you to be mine.
And I can be yours,
But we need to work together and talk this through,
Because I want to know you again.
I want to know if you still like to ride your skateboard.
I want to know what makes you feel happy,
And what makes you feel sad.
I just want to believe that we can feel the way that we did-
Back in eighth grade.
So tell me now please-
You don’t have to be polite.
Just tell me how you feel please-
Because I can’t tell anymore.
I just want to go back to how we were,
Back in eighth grade.

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