Best Friends

June 18, 2012
By Anonymous

I love the way you laugh with me,
And I hate it when you cry.
I love it when you say hello,
And I hate your long goodbye.
I love the way you’re always there,
And I hate it when you’re gone.
I love the way we’re so hyped-up,
And people ask us what we’re on.
I love your stupid, little words,
And I hate our drawn-out fights.
I love it when we’re so in tune,
And when you ask if I’m alright.
I love the way we speak in time,
And your vow as my best friend.
I hate the way we have to part,
But know that friendship never ends.

The author's comments:
Something stupid that I scribbled down when I was bored. I love my friends! :)

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