Understanding What Can't Be Understood

June 18, 2012
"What's more to the feeling of love?"
The young explorer said.
Is it not the thought, in my head.
or The butterflies the couple feels,
As they begin to wed.

He traveled his whole life,
Not learning a thing.
He even as the Monks,
Of the towers in Beijing.
They knew less than him,
Only filled with greed.
Them knowing,
Love is what everyone needs.

"Why do I have this hole,
That is endless and dark.
As I observe couples,
Holding hands in the park.
This is what I realize now,
Jealousy fuels people like me.
As I still wonder how."

"No, there is something.
I can not explain.
Maybe it's those who've discovered,
Are the only ones who can."

He lived his whole life,
Learning every single thing.
Not fulfilling his hopes,
Forgetting his dreams.
In hopes of understanding,
The one thing he needs.

This man died,
Attempting to understand.
The feeling,
So many have already planned.
Maybe it's something more than thought,
Something that can't be sought.
Something you can't understand.
Something that can't be planned.

But no one,
Will understand.

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