The Spectrum

May 26, 2012
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So are you going tonight?

Omigod. How excited are you for prom.

Dude, I just failed that math test.

When are your parents coming back?

The Spectrum

Walk down the hallway of a high school
I dare you
And you’ll see a glimpse into a hundred different people’s lives

An inaccurate depiction of the way they really feel
You’ll see
That most people say one thing, and mean another

When someone exclaims, in a joking manner, that they failed a test
For example
They’re really panicking, on the inside that their grade will drop immensely

“When are you’re parents coming back?”
Really means
“They won’t be at your house tonight!? Lets have a party!”

A normal high school student speaks words with hidden meanings
Autistic children are not mentally able to do that

So if you walk down a high school hallway and you eavesdrop on the people
Do it; you’ll see
That most everyone is not speaking words which convey how they’re really feeling

But should you walk past a child with a condition known as Asperger’s Syndrome
Be careful
He says what he means. And he means what he says.

A child on the spectrum looses the ability to lie
He’s blunt
Even when a lie can help, and the truth can hurt

“Do these pants make me look fat?”
He’ll answer
“Yes, you should drop a few pounds too”

When you’re hurt, you’ll cry; upset that he called you fat
He won’t understand
To him, he did good for telling the truth

So should you walk past, or speak to an autistic child
Be careful
He says what he means. And he means what he says.

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