Don't Listen

May 26, 2012
By Anonymous

You turn on the television and see a young face;
Underneath it says 14 year old takes own life;
You think, long and hard;
No one should feel that helpless especially at that age.

You go to school the next day and hear names being called;
Wh***, Sl**, Trash, B****, Fatty, Whale, Qu***;
All kinds of hurtful words;
Then you realize whose lips the words are being formed;
The mean girls from your grade;
And you realize they are looking at you as they say those awful words.

You try to tune them out;
But they keep getting louder;
You put your hands up to your ears and run away from the terrifying words;
You keep running and running;
But no matter how far you go you can still hear the words.

Now you’re in your room;
Letting all of the emotion come out;
And no matter what you still feel the pain;
You say to yourself that tomorrow will be a better day;
You curl up and set your head on a nice soft pill0w.

You wake up;
Turn on your computer;
Sign in to Facebook;
See the many notifications;
It’s the mean girls;
They posted stuff on every status, every post;
More mean words, and statements;
You’re going to he**, no one will ever love you, God hates you, why don’t you just kill yourself, No one would miss you if you died;
It’s overwhelming, it’s everywhere.

You break down;
You try to calm down;
You throw your laptop;
Its smashes against the hard wood floor;
You grab your bag;
Head to school;
Face it all head on.

You walk into home room;
Whispering starts;
Their passing a note around the room;
It comes to you;
It’s all that you can take;
Everyone has written on it;
Sk***, Fat A**, Ugly, Go eat another Twinkie.

You run as fast as you can out of the school;
Keep running;
You’re getting tired;
Don’t stop;
You get home;
Go to your room;
Fall on the floor and weep.

Get up;
Go to the closet;
Go into a box labeled Maybe;
Rummage through everything;
Find a jewelry box;
Open and take out the blade;
Bring it to your hand;
Feel the sting of relief;
Close your eyes;

You dream about the young face;
You hear a soft whisper;
Too soft to understand;
It sounds so beautiful.

When you wake up you now understand;
What they must have gone through;
Why they felt like there was no end;
You feel the same way;
You decide to do the same.

Today’s the day;
Turn on the webcam;
You start to speak;
I don’t understand what I’ve done to any of you, but you don’t have to worry about that any longer, bye;
You turn the webcam off;
Post it;
Turn off the laptop;
Walk toward the bathroom.

You go to the cabinet;
Take out a bottle of pills;
Look in the mirror;
Tears running down your face;
Watch yourself as you swallow the pills;
Fall to the ground;
Feel a presence;
Hear a fading voice;
Fall asleep.

Wake up;
Surrounded by family;
Everyone weeping;
Mom looks over;
Sees I’m awake;
Grabs me;
Hugs me;
Kisses me;
All I do is stay limp.

Several months later;
You go back to school;
People are whispering;
Mean girl comes over;
Oh look whose back from the grave;
You confront her;
Everyone laughs at the mean girl;
You sit at a table;
Your best friend is next to you;
Hugging you like there’s no tomorrow.

You turn to her;
I’m not going anywhere;
Not for a long time;
Not for a very, very long time, promise;
I promise.

I’ve learned many things from this experience;
You are never alone;
There is support everywhere;
But most importantly;
Nobody understands how much words can hurt.

No matter what anyone says;
You are beautiful;
You are pure;
You are true to yourself;
You are who you are;
You aren’t hurtful words;
You create yourself;
Others don’t create you;
Stay true to yourself.

The author's comments:
this was influenced by the movie cyber bully. some of it is fiction and other parts are from my life. i hope you enjoy.

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