May 26, 2012
By Taconut7 GOLD, Cohasset, Minnesota
Taconut7 GOLD, Cohasset, Minnesota
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A teenager strolls through town
He is wearing a black hoody
with a tattoo of an eagle
on his left wrist
His blue pants have holes all over
He wears a baseball cap to the side
His blue eyes shine in the daylight
Against his dark blackish skin

He walks into a bank
To deposit the cash he earned
from working at the nursery home
The teller's eyebrows prick up
As their lively chatter stops
they narrow their gaze
Ready for anything

The boy reaches the counter
Politely asking to deposit
As he reaches in his pockets
The tellers freeze in fear
Their hands reaching for the alarm
The boy withdraws a few bucks
He sets it on the counter
Causing the teller to jump back
The boy just sighs and walks out
The teller quickly swipes the money
Running back to deposit it

The boy jogs into a park
wanting to rest
He sits on a bench
While watching the children play
their parents eye the boy
Looking for signs of danger

A swing becomes empty
so the boy walks over to it
He sits down and starts to swing
As he is flying through the air
The children stop playing
They walk to their parents
Who are already packing
and leave in a hurry

The boy sighs again and dismounts
Landing in the warm sand
He strolls over to a bridge
Towering 40 feet about the river
The sun gleaming off the watery surface
He stand near the railing
gazing down into the icy water
People walk past him
As he climbs the railing
The people ignore him
As if he didn't exist
The boy sighs one last time
then jumps through the air
falling to his icy death

Later that evening
a man watches the news
The TV light casting shadows
across his light skin
As the death of the boy airs
the man yawns
flipping to another channel
to watch the weather

As he climbs into bed
his wife asks him
Was there anything good on
The man just replies no
As he drifts away into sleep

The author's comments:
This is about the racism that still affects African Americans today. It is basically about an innocent african american boy who gets treated badly because of his skin color. This poem's object is to show that you should not treat people different just because a stereotype says so.

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on Jun. 23 2012 at 3:59 pm
Adi-heid BRONZE, Triangle, Virginia
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This is wonderfully written! I love it! Please check out my short story, Rita used to be Steve! Thanks!

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