June 18, 2012
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You can rip and tear them but never kill them
Or can you?

Souls can be delicate,
Easy to rip down and shred.
Or they can be mighty,
Untouchable by saw or sword.

But how can you tell how strong yours is?
It's simple:
You can't.
You will realize how weak you are,
Once you are torn and left lying,
On the ground.

Many will pass by you
Not noticing your anguish.
Some will notice and try to help
But most of them,
Unsure what to do,
Won’t do anything
But the rare minority will try.

They may not succeed at first
But if they have a strong soul,
Unlike you if you have fallen,
They will try, try, try.

If you are not too far gone
You will be saved by the one,
The one with the strong soul
They will help rebuild you
Brick by broken brick
Then you will be saved
To live another day.

But if you are never saved,
Or your soul cannot be put back together,
You are doomed
Like me
To be

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nerdfighter327 said...
Aug. 10, 2012 at 3:37 pm
I have found someone who was there all along for me. If anyone actually looks at my poem don't be worried about my sanity.
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