Inner Beast

May 26, 2012
By josie16 BRONZE, Schuylerville, New York
josie16 BRONZE, Schuylerville, New York
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It’s quiet; all I can hear are my thoughts. They are going to the rhythm of my heart. My inner voice is usually not this loud, it screams for a way out. Why won’t it stop? Why is it searching? It’s searching through memories and knowledge filing cabinets. But the exit can’t be found.
I wish I would stop making my head throb.
I try to tell it to calm down and just relax but it won’t listen to its annoyed host.
How so I turn it off? Is there an on/ off switch? What is that in the corner of the room?
I found the switch, but I can’t control the inner voice. I need to turn it off.
What if I imagine someone to shut it off? Why not try?
I close my twitchy eyes and imagine a tiny man. He looks so real. Short gray hair, long sleeve gray thermal and dark blue jeans.
I imagine him walking over to the switch in a fast pace. Who is that? What is that? The inner voice? Never have I seen a beast so ugly. It’s angry, it’s insane.
The man I imagined tries to go around the beast, but the beast raises one foot and tries to squash the tiny man. The tiny man fakes to the right and goes left, reaches for the switch and turns it from on to off.
Everything goes quiet; the way that it’s supposed to be. No screaming, no shouting, just silence. I didn’t know how nice it would be.
I can finally get some rest. Lay down in the comfy king bed in the center of the room. Cover up with my favorite blanket. Put my head on the soft feather pillow.
“Tonight we get some sleep tiny man.” I say with a yawn.
“Good night.” Said the tiny man.
I fall into a deep sleep, and have no dreams.

The author's comments:
sometimes i get lost in thought

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