Lost Reflection

May 26, 2012
By Broken_Lover PLATINUM, Theodore, Alabama
Broken_Lover PLATINUM, Theodore, Alabama
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No man is worth your tears,and the one who is will never make you cry.

I once thought that I could change who i am,that I could start all over. All of the years that have passed are now wasted,because I tried to change who I am. My life is just passing me by,but yet I do nothing to stop and live it. All of those years of time being wasted,I was following someone else's shadow. Not once have I tried to break away out of this darkness. I feel that if someone tries to make me happy again,that this feeling I have will only proceed in getting worse. If I make myself happy in any kind of way,I feel as if something snatches it right out of my hands. I never knew that someone could be this unhappy,like all they have has been ripped away,like no matter what they do they just cant seem to stop the pain. I stand for hours staring at a mirror wondering where my reflection has gone. I look into the ocean with the waves crashing at my feet,and still I see no reflection. If I only had you here with me,to hold me like you use to,then maybe I might find my reflection.I guess until that day comes my reflection will always be a...lost reflection.

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