The Feelings You Can't Feel

June 16, 2012
By leahmarie13 BRONZE, Surrey, District Of Columbia
leahmarie13 BRONZE, Surrey, District Of Columbia
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She wraps herself within his arms
In hopes to reach her high
To fill the gaping hole she feels
And to sustain her cries
She is here with him
But her mind is unaware
These false feelings will scar more than heal
But for now, she doesn't care
She runs to him further
An attempt to escape her fears
what she lacks in understanding
Tonight, she'll make up for in tears

He feels her warmth
And hears her voice
As begins to question
The reason for her craving
To belong in his protection
He acts as her constant muse
But happy thoughts are not ensured
She tells him that this is how it should be
And he remains allured
Why does he still want to hold on?
These senses are too much
For what he lacks in feelings
He'll regain when they touch

This is the addiction
That you get from tainted feelings
And they are the sorry victims
Trapped beneath the bane restriction
They were so hungry for the feelings
That they couldn't really feel
In their desperate and blind obsession
In feeling something real

Its a sustain to the loneliness
The aching in your soul
The pill you yearn to take
To recompense your cold
But this is a deadly medicine
And it will soon decay
Leaving you lost in heavy regret
And drowned in your dismay
So enjoy the present feelings
The feelings you can't feel
Pretend its what you need now
Pretend its something real

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