Life is a bomb.

June 16, 2012
By , Tecumseh, OK
Life is a bomb
Ticking away
Your losing more time
Every single day
Every word
Every single tear
Air filled with laughter
Or a heart filled with fear
Life is moving on
And your friends are too
But your stuck in slow motion
Your times overdue
Everyone changes
Because you can't stop the bomb
But it just seems like
You never follow along
If you don't mature
You'll be stuck in the past
You know very well
You can't go back
So, why keep trying
Just let go
Change like the seasons
And let yourself grow
I know it hurts
To give up so fast
When it seems like it took forever
To live through your past
But the sooner you forget,
The cleaner the slate
Just let go, honey
We're way past that date

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