All Of God's Promises

June 16, 2012
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Laying in the shower,
God is talking to me.
Or maybe it is just the voices in my head; filling in the blanks.
It doesn't matter.
All of God's promises are washing over me.

Sometimes I just don't know what to say.
So I go through all the praise songs and prayers that I know.
Do my prayers go unanswered; like a call of a crow?

It's raining in my Heaven.
Everything tastes sweet.
Will all of God's promises make my Heaven complete?

All of these devotions,
And all of this praise,
Let me know that one day soon He will reign.

So buy me a Bible,
And send in some robed men,
But all of God's promises won't put me back together again..

My Lord is saying, "Don't run away from the truth."
It is so hard to find it these days, I feel like I'm wasting my youth..

Dear God,
I know I've asked you before. But do you cry for me? My savoir; my Lord?

Do you miss when I fall to my knees?
Do you miss the way the tears would fall; silent streams.

I'm sorry but my streams have dried up,
I'll let out a tiny prayer.
Jesus, do you cry for me?

Please let me know you are there.

I'll walk down the street,
Singing God's tune with a beat.
And maybe people will see all of God's promises pouring out from the top of my head down to my feet.

I stare at the ceiling;
At a loss with this world;
I'm not sure what to be...
And I let out a prayer,

God, how can you just let this world throw rocks at me?

I'm teetering on this line,
I'm caught between Faith and whatever I want to do.
Sometime I wish that I could invite you to Starbucks and have a chat with you.

Dear God,
I'm not giving up I just don't know what to do..

So let me dive into the ocean; the ocean you created for me.
This is a ocean of knowledge prophets didn't posses.
I will no longer be Satin's little monkey in a sinful circus..

You have tacked a million final notices up on Calvary's tree.
I know I will be back on God's door step as I take those fateful steps of faith to the alter.
Preacher take this Holy water and pour it over my head; this is not my last or final plea.

I want to feel all of God's promises washing over me.

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