A Wife's Longing

June 15, 2012
By gabsgarcia PLATINUM, Hillsborough, New Jersey
gabsgarcia PLATINUM, Hillsborough, New Jersey
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A wife is weeping on her bed
Longing for her husband to return to her
Her body is shaking from the cries that hurt her
She tries to wipe away the tears but more keep falling
Sleep has not washed over her in so long
Her sobs get louder and louder as she remembers him
The hand-made bed that she now lays on does not help her stop
She only remembers why her husband made this bed for them
She sat up in the bed while looking around her
Feeling empty inside but wanting to feel happy again
She starts to wonder if her husband is still alive
Wondering if these past twenty years without him would be her future
If it was going to be like this she knew she would have to move on and marry again
But no one could ever replaces her beloved husband that she loved so dearly
She had reminders all around her that would never let her forget about him
Then she remembered the other man in her life
She remembered him sleeping in a room not too far away from her
He has grown up so much and taken on the role of her husband
She smiles at this thought, thinking about her son
She knows she has to be strong for him, but it’s hard for her
Finally the tears have stopped at least for tonight
She crawls into her soft white cozy bed and turns toward her window
She looks out into the night sky with the moon shining into her eyes
Before sleep can fully wash over her fatigued body
She whispers out loud that she loves her husband and wants him to return home safe
With that she closes her eyes to start a new day as an anxious wife, waiting for her soldier to return home

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