June 15, 2012
By WhiteHart PLATINUM, Newberry, Florida
WhiteHart PLATINUM, Newberry, Florida
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Emptiness of voided dreams,
And vague understanding of what I am
Leaves a tangled web to weave
And pulls me far from where I am.

The clarity of other minds
Makes me jealous -- a sensual desire
Oh, make me like these different kinds,
Pull me from all wet and mire.

What is this shadow?
This abstraction called life?
Overflowing with distraction
Littered with strife

Give me a shimmer, give me a glisten,
Give me a gleam, perhaps then I shall listen.
Tell me a story or sing me a song—
Something to make me feel somewhat…

The author's comments:
Sometimes when I observe people, I wonder how they can be so sure of things. Such certainty. So care free... without mystery. This demonstrates my jealousy. (Yes, I know that rhymed.)

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