Who Am I?

June 15, 2012
Who am I? A guy who gave up his personality in a deep sigh, one who changed his persona in a deep lie. in hope of relief from the strong belief that normality is the only way to express yourself and not make a whole social mess of yourself?

Who am I? A guy lost in the waves of false emotion. A slave to the feelings of the ones around me. And all he could ever wish is to be free, free from the everlasting thoughts of I shouldn’t be here, Free from the thoughts of who who who, could ever love someone like you. Free from the thoughts that someone will always defeat you and failure will always be there to meet you?

Who am I? I am myself. I will never allow anyone to control me like I’m a simple puppet. I am the greatest man who has ever lived and who will ever kick the metaphorical bucket . I know will fail, but I will be happy for my failures, Because I know that with ever failure is another steping stone on the path home to the place called happiness.

Who The F*** am I? I am Myself. And I am proud.

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