Beautiful Tattoos

June 15, 2012
By JustListen PLATINUM, Santa Maria, California
JustListen PLATINUM, Santa Maria, California
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Favorite Quote:
"Don't think or judge. Just listen."

You are beautiful.
It is tattooed on my memories,
As you whisper it softly into my ear.

You are beautiful.
Forever hanging in the air;
The words frozen in time,
Waiting to be claimed as something that:

You are beautiful; like the words on this page.
Am I still beautiful?
Or have you found another to persuade?

You are beautiful,
Maybe just for awhile.
But when you pressed your body against mine that is what really drove me wild.

I couldn't bare it any longer,
I tattooed myself.
I dusted off my razor from the second floor's shelf.

Am I still beautiful?
Please answer me now.
It's funny how I can't imagine my future now that you are not around.

I am beautiful.
But what does that mean?
Every time I think of you I cry; I scream.

You are beautiful.
That sentence has been lost from my gaze.
Nothing seems beautiful without you these days.

I guess that I am beautiful.
If that's what you say..
I miss everything about you,
In the worst possible way.

I guess that makes me beautiful,
But I don't think I'll stay this way..

So what is there that makes me beautiful?
It's all just memories fading away.
Like watercolors wet with kisses; kisses I'd hoped would be for you.

Let's do this again,
I'm giving myself one more tattoo.

The author's comments:
Don't say something is beautiful unless you mean it; only if you are willing to stay. Or else, you can cause a lot of damage that way..

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