The Truth to a Shattered Life

June 15, 2012
By JeMz28 SILVER, Kansas City, Missouri
JeMz28 SILVER, Kansas City, Missouri
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My life is a shattered mirror
Pieces lay in every corner and at every level
Sometimes to hold my life together I have to chase the pieces down
To fix them
The problem is it never works
When I touch the pieces they crumble into dust
It's like everything I touch or try to fix falls into disaster
I yearn to see my life sparkling and shiny,
Almost perfect, like a mirror
But then it wouldn't be my life
It wouldn't even be called a life
Cause without fault no one could live or die
Without Knowing their inner soul
Knowing their inner soul and whether it's good or evil
Sometimes our lives have to shatter to see what we are living for
The Good or the Evil
The Light or the Dark
In the Gray or in the Middle
The Gray is what we are
The Light of Goodness is what we strive for
And the Evil Darkness is what most of us cower from
So know yourselves and live
Because the day of Judgement is near

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