The Greatest

June 15, 2012
Fly with me
Perhaps we can break free
From these expectations
-of the great and of the less-
That weigh us
heavier than the sky itself.

Run with me,
before I can think-
to look back into their tainted eyes
That could only comprehend
the deception of stormier clouds,
But never
the sincerity of those of the kindest day.

Ascend with me,
before I doubt myself.
And they shall finally see
What is The Real
And what is the mirror of their wishes.

Climb with me,
before I let go of your hand.
And we’ll see the world so much clearer-
So high above the Earth.
We’ll shout out our hearts
to the heavens,
Resonant and free of anticipated silence.
The stars will hear us
And they’ll answer back with a desired gleam.

Rise with me,
before they catch us,
trying to wheel us back into
the shadows of those who came earlier.
Maybe we’ll touch the sun
Despite the different path
We took to reach its
greater triumph.

Soar with me,
before I tire.
We’ll spread our wings.
We’ll feel the wind upon
Our flushed cheeks,
drying our past tears
And find a better place to rest. To sleep.
To dream.

Come with me,
before I can feel
that ache in my heart.
Because I don’t want to be alone,
When I leave.
I’ll be so much stronger
If I have Someone that knows
The Greatest
of my fears.
who won’t ever let me fall.

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