June 11, 2012
By Anonymous

I miss playing the game of baseball with all my friends
It wasn’t always bout winning or losing, it was all about fun
Although we may all have been very competitive, but it was for our will to win.
Baseball then and baseball now are two way different games
Now it’s less fun, then it was my favorite game
Now it’s just a game I use to play.
I’m fine with not playing the game
I just wish the game was never changed
I wish I could go back to the 8th grade, back when we won games.
As you get older things change
The different level you are at once you hit high school
The different coach who isn’t a father to one of the players
And then that coach who is a huge reason why you decide not to play the game.
I might miss playing the game
However I have more important stuff to do
There is no point to waste my time in a bad mood all day because I’m trying to have fun
But there is no point to that, once potter is around all the fun is gone.
I’m so glad I don’t play.

The author's comments:
because its a sport that means a lot to me but i just lost intrest in the game.

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