June 11, 2012
By , china, ME
The gas flows
through the carburetors
mixes with air
then makes a dash
into the motor.
Spark plugs spark
creating a flame
with the gas
pushing the pistons
down and up
spinning the crank
in the base of the motor
like the tires on a car roaring down the road.
The oil in the base mixes,
warm and thin
keeps the bearings on the crank
oiled, lubricated and new
with all of the flame.
Make’s the motor hot so the coolant pumps
through the radiator and into
little holes all through the jug to the
case to cool it down.
When the gas pedal is pumped
you receive more gas and move faster
because the flame
grows stronger pushing
the pistons faster
makes many different things move.

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