Sitting in my imagination

June 11, 2012
By charly seward BRONZE, Santiago, Other
charly seward BRONZE, Santiago, Other
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I'm sitting on my imagination
in the middle of a tree staring at the floor,
wondering, is it me? is it you? is it us?
My words are unlimited and so is my imagination.
I like to try, to do everything that is possible
and everything that is impossible,
love is both of them, that is the passionate craziness of love.

I stare to the left and I stare to the right
how can people laugh meanwhile others cry
how can people drink until puking meanwhile others starve
They all forgot love, they only think about themselves.
I would like to jump down the tree and shout at them
“can´t you see!?”
but then i remember I am part of them
I am to young, I am to stupid.

From my tree i can see everything
I see a kid with looking at life like an adult
He opened his eyes to early,
and sociaty slapt him in the face
He notices the hypocrites taking money from his father
He wants to close his eyes, he tries to escape
but every morning he wakes up huging the same pillow.

What am I going to do in this tree?
I am just closing my eyes from the pain
the pain is the only thing that is real
Life is just memories, and you will never forget them
at the end, experience is all that is left.

The author's comments:
This describes my feelings

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