World Free of Haters

June 11, 2012
I’m going to keep spreading this message even if it kills me

To stop is something I’m refusing

Put your head up, open your eyes

Don’t be afraid to be you, wear no disguise

Keep climbing till you reach the top

Don’t worry about the haters cause for them it’s going to be a scary drop

This is for you and me

It’s ok to live out your dreams


It's ok feel free

I may be only sixteen but I’ve learned a lot in this life

One thing I learned is life is full of strife

But you have to learn and push through it

This is your life; you’re the one who controls it

It doesn’t matter what you look like

You're a person and every person has a light

It doesn’t matter what you you’ve been through

It’s irrelevant what you see when you look outside your window

Picked fence or barb wire

Are your hands already raised?

Oh well then raise them higher

I may be five six but I swear I feel like I’m six eight

Now let my words be like a switch blade to a haters ribcage

Never let anyone stop you from heading up

Just do you, shut them up

To all the haters I really just want to say thanks

Because your hate is what gave me my strength

Thanks to you I am who I am now

Thanks to you other people will be strong now

And to all you haters who look down on me

I'm telling you now, I'm tearing down your balcony

To you reading this have no fear

To all you haters, get the freak out of here

For this generation I have great expectations

The haters have to go I dont care what it takes

A third world war or another revolution

Down with the negative up with the postivity

No more bad energy thats where this world needs to be

When I step out my house I want to see

Something that this world needs to be

Better. I want to see a world free of haters

Their rein is over

I want to see a world free of haters

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