To be near you....

June 12, 2012
By , Milwuakee, WI
I know you'll never love me
I know you probably don't notice
And I know you'll never care
but I just can't fight this feeling
you should be here not there

I stare at you from a distance
as you keep pushing away
and everyday I ask myself
am I really OK?

I ask myself this every night
when I am alone facing my fears
I try to feel you next to me
why can't you really be here?

I hold you in my heart
I hold you in my mind
but if I could really hold you
that warmth would be the best kind

Why are you so clueless?
Why are you so blind?
Missing me when I've been standing in front of you all this time

I know that we are perfect
I know we are meant to be
If this is true then why...
why do you criticize me?

Do you see me watching?
Do you see my stare?
Do you see...
how much I really care?
Do you see me going through life wishing you were there?

Do you see me risk it all?
I'm pretty sure you do
Do you see me giving up everything just to be near you?

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