The Oasis and the Field

June 11, 2012
By Inspire4More BRONZE, East Haven, Connecticut
Inspire4More BRONZE, East Haven, Connecticut
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Favorite Quote:
"Here we are, Mr. Pilgrim, trapped in the amber of this moment. There is no why.” - Kurt Vonnegut

When you found me,
I was a field in the jungle
Newly created,
Unaware of the life around me

When you found me,
You made be stronger
You gave me plants and shared your pond
It was you who helped me thrive

Once you found me,
I became larger
I grew luscious and plentiful
It wasn’t long until I was a site to see in our jungle

Once you found me,
You became bored,
You saw all that entered my space
And thought them more exciting than I

So you left me.
And the luscious space was left in a shadow
The pond dried up and the plants withered
I was no longer a site in the jungle, just a ruin

So you left me.
And I needed water
And I needed revival
I needed help

I had to move on.
I had to find the water and revive myself
I had no more time to spend on you
Why let myself wither anymore?

I had to move on.
I found a new source of water from an old river
I cared for myself and regrew my plants
And I never looked back to seek your return

Now I am growing.
My pond has been reinvented,
It’s equipped with a waterfall
That waterfall keeps me lively

Now I am growing.
I have new plants
Greens of all shades and sizes
More luscious than ever before

But you don’t notice.
You haven’t looked back
You don’t see the spectacle behind you
All you remember is the little field

And now you’re leaving the jungle.
You are taking a boat and sailing away
Leaving behind a site you’ll never see
But that’s okay
Now there’s more room for me

So you leave on your boat.
Sail off forever
Because I now have veins across this jungle
I am now the oasis

And you’re off at a new island.
Just a tiny field

The author's comments:
Sometimes you realize that you cannot move on if you try to depend on someone else too much. It is only when you take the risk to thrive on your own that you will succeed.

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