Some of my Best Friends are Metaphors

June 1, 2012
By JordynHays BRONZE, Solon, Ohio
JordynHays BRONZE, Solon, Ohio
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My partner in crime for the longest time
My family’s third daughter, not sure how we found her
Chicken fingers and scooters at Chagrin Falls,
Adventurous and sassy, late night calls
Selena Gomez with the windows rolled down,
Boy crazy searches cruising around
Bound for Chicago and best friend tattoos,
So gullible and giggly, I could never lose
Chocolate after breakfast, sun obsessed,
Huge eyes and aviators, gives the tan no rest
Boating, camping and concerts in the park,
Staying up way too late out in the dark
Random dancing and pictures, our mission’s accomplished
Matching outfits and ice cream is where we both found it
Never say never,
We’ll be best friends forever

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