June 1, 2012
By Anonymous

How do I say this subtly?

I think you’re made quite flawlessly.

Your eyes like the deepest amber sea,

And the way you move so effortlessly.

Every scar and past bump and bruise,

All add up to a perfect you.

That sweet smile that stops my world,

Sends my emotions into a dizzying whirl.

Your funny faces and crazy voices,

All you tell me about your stupid choices,

It makes me wonder even more,

My loving curiosity has no cure.

You’re all too perfect, or so it seems,

Like something out of my wildest dreams.

All your muscles and every tattoo,

Make you seem like someone too good to be true.

My crazy boy with the boxing gloves,

My perfect friend sent from above,

You were created and kept without one flaw,

And you never cease to keep me in awe.

I never thought I’d meet someone like you,

Who’s crazy and fun and too good to be true.

I’ve admired so much your flawlessness,

You’re certainly someone I’ll grow to miss.

But for now I’ll hold on to what little I have,

Because when I’m with you, things aren’t so bad.

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