bullet straight to my heart

June 10, 2012
Bullet straight to my heart
I feel scared, I feel alone
He had his finger on the trigger not me
But he shot and killed me
I can see the blue and red fireworks
Before I hear the sirens
He, he killed me emotionally
I look in the mirror and I don’t see me
I see him, him with another
After he promise not to hurt me
He told me he loved me
Yeah, I guess
I closed my eyes wishing
Wishing things was back how they use to be
When we were kids
When I was the only girl he wanted
But happy endings don’t always last
Well that’s what you showed me
When you pulled out the 9 miller meter
And pointed it to my heart causing
Me to scream
But it’s not me who’s screaming
It’s her over his dead body
I see my hand holding the gun
I looked down at you
What have I done, I killed you the person I loved
The bracelet he gave me been replace
By two new ones
Connected by a sliver chain
I’m locked behind bars
Bullet straight to my heart
I feel dead I feel alone

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