Did You Know You're an Actor?

June 10, 2012
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Life is the funniest, most ironic play
In any theater in any sphere.
The Playwright has already created the perfect script,
But it’s a live play;
Sometimes the actors mess up.
Chasing after their own passions
Weaving vendettas
And even digging their own graves
They are the ones who gave this
Streaks of tragedy.
Sometimes one actors’ mistake
Messes with another actor’s script.
One day you pass a sweet little
Piggy-tailed girl at the dollar store
And the next her life is
Taken in a car wreck.
But it’s okay when the actors mess up;
The Playwright is a great improviser.
Sometimes the actors have to be great
Too, and make the best of
The role they have been given
Adding a few laughs between
So the play isn’t so dreary.
But there are moments
Moments that are absolutely, delicately
Perfectly written
Into your script just when you think
You’re brushing against Insanity’s cloak.
You kiss the lips of your new bride
The woman who holds your heart
The woman who you want to be with
For the rest
Of the play.
You caress the cheek of
Your precious newborn baby
And your eyes become wet
When you realize she has
Her mama’s eyes.
And, in the last act
Of the last scene of your role in the play
Despite the many times you’ve messed up His script
You thank the Playwright
For those delicate
Despite the many times you wished you could quit
You thank Him for
Your role in His

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