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June 10, 2012
By tbm999 BRONZE, Georgetown, Other
tbm999 BRONZE, Georgetown, Other
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I feel like cyring
Like shedding tears
But out of these eyes
Nothing comes up

Everything is just stuck there
Waiting for the person the come
And light the bomb up.

I dont know why it ir
Or why I feel like I'm dying
Lonely,scarred and unloved as I am
There is no one you can find

I always tend to play happy
To smile and hide everything in
but now every single thought and fear
Is being pured onto this page

I'll keep this to myself
All this hurt and sorrow
That always keeps me awake
For now I'm bulletproof
And nothing can make me ache

I'm dead inside, hollow you can say
Filled with cob webs and spiders
That enjoy making my life
The lving hell it is today

I have no feelings
No laughter, no pain
Nothing left to lose
When i keep my distance from eveything

People always feel pity
But there is nothing they can do
To take this dageer out of my heart
The one put in by you
The one that changed me and cracked my heart in two

The author's comments:
How some people feel after a hard break-up or the lost of someone dear.

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