The Last Tree

June 7, 2012
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When the last tree fell
In the Amazonian forest
I was riding my beat-up old bike from school
Heaving the soot black air through my regulation mask
Like an alien on a bicycle

In her kitchen, my mom was chopping her last potato
While my baby sister tugged on her skirt
Which is why she did not hear the last tree fall

Dad was at the factory
Coughing up smoke
As he inserted yet another chip
In the latest must-have cell phone
So some kid could look cool

But when the last tree fell
All the people and animals
Froze in their last positions
Like stone statues
In the largest museum in the world

There was a silence
As the world stopped breathing
But then
Something moved
A vine curled up
Out of the gasping ground
Then another
And another
As Nature reclaimed her own

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