Love And We Get Older

June 7, 2012
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Our love has been reborn,
docked to port, its motor chokes on the ocean.

I had been skeptical of a man's heartbeat
and the way it rhythmically drums on a woman's thighs;

but with you and I, there is such chemistry,
such a symmetrical love, don't you agree?

Oh, how we whiled away the summer evenings in your uncle's red-bricked cottage;
evenings where we watched the frantic stars and whitewashed sun

eat away at a crimson horizon
while you, brown haired and scrawny, plucked two breast-fed cherries,

from a nearby tree. I recall
the piece of bine which fastened these ripe stones;

and the instant you said it embodied our love
was the same instant God had sneezed,

sending a gust of mucus and saliva at them--
and as we laughed in the reviving breeze

the cherries that were our love broke in two
and rolled into a hostile river--

bruised, alone, forgotten.
But now we are old and our hair is withered

and we stand, craving for the years before.
You come from meeting "the client" across town

and I ask how come your feet are so badly cut up
and you say its from the beer bottles and cigarettes

your "client" threw at you through indignation;
but when I ask about the smile on your face

you simply nod and fetch supper--
"the client" has never been to our house.

You sleep inside our love chamber, alone?
while I stand in the kitchen with a frying pan

and butter on that pan
and flies swarming around the butter on that pan;

the refrigerator plays a tune from yesterday's broken record
and the cream and butter and juice all sing along;

meanwhile, the dishes swirl down the faucet in a bubbly cloud--
and I jump in with them; luckily, I blend

so magnificently with my fellow people;
chipped edges, a dull face, and the stains of yesterday's sadness;

we keep swirling down and down and down in this cloud of servitude--
I will never stop…unless my husband tells me to.

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Josika.Nav said...
Jun. 21, 2012 at 11:34 am

whoa! blew my mind away! amazing! i love the story you told. very good comparison from then and now and the change of feelings and sentiment. you have talent, don't waste it. great work and keep writing, i'll keep writing :D

oh and by the way, your comment did not reflect on my page , so if you could just go back and re-comment , that would be awesome. thanks a million :D

snowleopard100 replied...
Jun. 22, 2012 at 12:01 am
Thanks alot!!!! Oh, and sorry about the comment thing; I'll go back now and re-comment. 
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