An End

June 7, 2012
By flare347 BRONZE, 3 Arapaho Tr., Illinois
flare347 BRONZE, 3 Arapaho Tr., Illinois
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I believe in fairy tales
I believe in happily-ever-after
I believe that true love’s kiss
Will break me from this curse
I believed in midnight stories
That my mother used to tell
I believed in you, my knight
And quickly… I fell

I fell for your hair
I fell for your lips
I thought you were my air
Whenever we kissed

We kissed in the sunshine
We kissed in the moonlight
We kissed with such passion
That I didn’t expect a fight

I fought until my voice was weak
I fought because I knew I was right
I fought until I wept
In the dark of the night

In the dark of the night you left me
In the dark; and didn’t say why
In the dark you left me cold
And you never said good-bye

Good-bye to your “love”
Good-bye to your voice
Good-bye to your touch
Goo-bye without a choice

Without a choice you opened my eyes
And now I can see how foolish it was
To expect a life with you
To look to you to find love
Without a choice I now can see
Without a choice I realize
And it’s the strangest thing
Is that fairytales never have an end.

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