The Crash on America

June 7, 2012
By Jannine Koert BRONZE, Courtland, Other
Jannine Koert BRONZE, Courtland, Other
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How tall the towers stood for years
Nothing could go wrong
The people were too proud to think
That some terrorists would crash them down
It changed their country
They watched the first plane crash into them
The people cried themselves to shame
Those two, tall, proud towers!
The smoke, the smog, the screams
They lost so many lives
The debris floated down the streets
Threatening to drown society
They all cried once more and watched in horror
As the second plane smashed into tower two
Those two lofty towers slowly tumbled
They were once so proud and soaring
But now laying there like a popped balloon
People around the world worried
And felt so much pity toward them
Once they were two kings
Now they were two beggars
Begging for help on their knees
What could go wrong they had said?
They had not guessed
That those two tall towers would be defeated
And America would lose so many souls
Now they had a glaze of sadness
Cast over their beloved country

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