Coastal Highways

June 7, 2012
By JustListen PLATINUM, Santa Maria, California
JustListen PLATINUM, Santa Maria, California
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I have a team.

I have a family.

I have more than just a family.

I have a tennis family.

My road to self discovery began on coastal highways.

We are a family,

We win together; we lose together.

We cry together, we sit up all night in hotels together.

We talk about life, and boys.

Which boyfriends that we hate...

Which ones are aceptable to date.

What teacher gives out the most homework.

These people make my life better.

We have all grown up together.

From the time we were old enough, we have hit the tennis court.

Slowly..One by one beginning to form a bond.

I was the one of the last ones in, the youngest.

I had to make my mark.

I had to show that I was worth it, like I had a right to be with these people.

But I always felt like I belonged.

I do belong.

I have injuries.

Two bad knees,

And a recent injury to my ankle.

After matches, we would travel down the coastal highways.

We would go thru cities; some very shady.

I'd have two sore, SORE knees wrapped up in heating packs, knee braces, and I'd be loaded up on asprin.

There I was..

Seven people to a car, and there I was.

I always took the back seat, far right corner.

I would snuggle in between the coolness of the window,

And the body warmth of my teammates; all wrapped in blankets.

If we had to leave in the morning, we would meet at a donut shop,

And start the day off with pillow pet under arm, Uggs on our feet, and Blenders in hand.

Freshman and I felt like I belonged.

That's a family..

We would always drive down the coast line to get home after a match, just at sunset,

Frozen yogurt in hand; singing to whatever was on the radio, or whatever CD we had burned for the trip.

I got in some serious trouble,

Three months.

No phone, no going out, no boyfriend.

As soon as the match was over...

As soon as my dad (coach too) was out of sight...

One of the captains would slip me her phone.

But what I will never forget...

I promise you...

I'll never forget this..

We would go down the same strip of coastal highways after every match; just around sunset.

Everyone would set their phone to camera..

And take a picture of the ocean.

Flip through our phones, you'll see the pictures of the many sunsets.

And you'll see the silhouettes of the people who made everyone of them so special.

Driving down those coastal highways..

The author's comments:
This one's for my sisters.. My tennis sisters.

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