No One Worth An, "I Love You."

June 7, 2012
By , Santa Maria, CA
I don't go to bed with out saying, "I love you"
To my family.

I try not to leave the house without saying it to all, even if I am in a bad mood.

But tonight I observed that no one was worth an
"I love you."

People are yelling at this moment.

I sit and type; as if this is the only thing keeping me from a panic attack.

I stared at the mirror for awhile.

All I can hope is that tomorrow people will like what they see,

..That I will like what I see.

I find that I'm not even worth loving me.

All I can hope is that someone thinks that girl I created in the mirror is pretty..

Then maybe I will feel it too.

Tonight I find that, no one is worth an "I love you."

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