June 7, 2012
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I am wrapped up in my world of haze.

Faded jeans, ripped up sweaters.

Lean back and look at life; unfolding.

iPod blasting, eyes wandering.

Is this high school's version of hazing?

Everything I see, it is going too slow.

So why do I complain when life seems to be going by too fast?

Your walls are like a yearbook,

Life on display.

Everyone wants to write over one another.

But all those hearts and smiles don't mean a thing.

It's all about making your mark.

All I want is to be me.

I'm just hiding.

I've had hands poised to strike down at me one to many times..

I've been told to just sit and be quite.

Lost to my thoughts.

So here I am.


I can't even find me anymore.

Why must everything be so hazy?

My life is on mute.

But I'm not trying to break the silence.

Converse hit the pavement.

"Darling, you better keep running."

Lay back, relax.

No longer will I be a victim of my minds enslavement.

Thump. Thwack. Thump.

Work up the courage.

Don't live in fear.

Maybe then my life won't seem so...



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