Ancient Thievery

June 7, 2012
By Anonymous

I see her on a daily bases,
And I’m forced to watch her kiss her man.
This man is the “Prince Charming,”
And I must be some evil thing.
He’ll raise his sword to duel me
For the hand of the one I love,
But I will refuse. I only need time, you see,
To devise a plan to make her love me back.
For she knows of my feelings,
Yet she does nothing…
I am the brains and he is the brawn,
I will always win, right?
I don’t feel like a winner…
My lady has come to me many times
To tell me of her guilt,
And I’ll say that it’s fine, no one knows but me.
She insists on meeting me, but behind her lover’s
Back? What is the point?
I would rather win a competition for your love,
Than have to sneak around behind your lover’s back.
“Thief! Wretch! Cheater!” These will be my new names if
She doesn’t own her love to me…
So… I wait. I wait for something that may not even come.
No matter how many times people try to tell me,
“Stop, you’re too good for her…”
I will continually respond with,
It’s worth it…

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