rolling the dice

June 7, 2012
By proad BRONZE, Addis Ababa, California
proad BRONZE, Addis Ababa, California
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some people see what is already there and say why, well i dream of things that never where and say why not.

don't know how you do it
keep your eyes still to mine
and speak at the same time
words that are all lies
words once i accepted
cause i thought you were pure
on my life, my soul would have bet
with you i was so sure
it urns out you're different
you were just acting
to all, but where you're going to settle
when all discovered just as i have
the real you, you will not be hiding
forever cause you are not perfect
you speak true lies
but no one could know
as you've rolled the dice
and seems like it's your luck
but not always it's just a game
and wont know what's after then
so keep the lie till all found out
and you will be hanging in the middle
while each just back out
and there you lie to your self

i have just had enough
seems like you had too
don't know whose turn
to hear the same lies
that you're going to tell
till the last day comes

all i say is you are a good liar
one thing you're not good at is that
you don't know who you're lying to
and as a loner you end up
along with your loads of mess
you have build with your lies
that we all found, more or less
no longer you're lucky with your dice

The author's comments:
not always u know the people behind the scene. this happened for real.its my life. some part of it.

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