To Society

June 7, 2012
By Breanne Rezendes BRONZE, Dorchester, Massachusetts
Breanne Rezendes BRONZE, Dorchester, Massachusetts
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Innocent black teen,

black and innocently walking,

walking wearing a hoodie,

but now wearing a hoodie makes you less innocent?

Could you be more ignorant?

Innocence stripped by societes bare hands,

stripped and beaten,

beaten and abused,

like Emmett Till,

flirting with a white woman,

so they claim

and I’m so tired

of your lame excuses society.

Your concrete jungles are out of control.

Cruel men disguised in police uniforms robbing innocence while on patrol.

And “I’m gunna live to see 21” has become an anticipated challenge,

that shouldn’t be.

Bullets have no names and guns have no homes,

but tonight I’m just tryna make it home to see my mama again where I feel safe.

Society, your streets will never be a haven for me,

because I refuse to be another black stereotype.

The author's comments:
The Trayvon Martin story inspired this piece, I hope people will understand it completely.

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