June 7, 2012
By flutegirl21 BRONZE, Old Saybrook, Connecticut
flutegirl21 BRONZE, Old Saybrook, Connecticut
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Push false math theorems between slices of white bread.
Shove it down my throat.
When I choke,
refuse to perform the Heimlich.
Open up my insides.
Force the twisted logic through my intestines
like a broken machine.
Sew my mouth shut
so I can’t throw it up.

Carve the periodic table into my arms
with your sharpened Swiss army knife.
Smile while my skin is replaced
with bloody atomic numbers.
Saw my fingers off
so I can’t use them to cover the halogens.

Glue my eyelashes to my eyebrows so my eyes can’t close.
Color my irises black with permanent marker:
just like yours.
Force me to see the way you do.

Tear from my mind every original thought.
Shout at my dreams until they run away in fear.
Vacuum my favorite memories out through my ears.
Fit the remaining contents of my brain into your incorrect physics equation.

Extract my heart from my rib cage with kitchen tongs.
Watch my skin go pale.
Watch my eyes go still.

Tell my empty body it’s for the best.
Tell this shadow of my soul that you love it.

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