Maladies of a lost soul

June 7, 2012
By , Kolkata, India
I can smell the hues

Of flowers that bloom,

I can hear the storm

And its vehement tunes.

I can touch the sunshine;

Greet the sky ;

And console the night

When it says goodbye.

I can feel the autumn airstream,

The November rains,

The empty trees

And blossoms in pain.

I can hear the crunch

Of a thousand leaves

When I step on their bodies

And the cold wind weeps,

I can taste the snowflake

That caresses my lips.

It puts the trees

In a slumber deep.

Although my visionless eyes

Have helped me sense

The nature’s splendor;

Its true essence,

It never let me

See your smile

That pretty face

Even just for a while

I lived with a picture

Of you in my mind

But it fades into memories

Of a long lost time.

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