Happy Birthday Dad

35 years ago on this June day,
A little baby boy was born
And his eyes shined in a special way...
It was a glimpse into the future he would have,
Showing the things he would mourn...
And the things he would love.
No one yet knew, at the age of 21,
He would meet a women with a baby girl
Who had 47 weeks till she turned one.
The women would be his second true love...
And she would be his last...
A year after they would meet,
They'd have their first child together.
It'd be a baby girl who'd love to sleep.
Two years later, would come another,
She would be the favorite of the mother.
The favorite of the father...
Would come three years later.
She'd be in the image of her mother...
But she'd always be a daddy's girl.
A year after the last child,
The father would adopt the first,
To claim her as his own,
Since he loved her more than the father of her birth.
A year later, in 2006,
The man and woman would finally marry,
And live out thier fairytale story.
After 6 years,
The fairytale would end,
When the woman decided she didn't love the man.
It would leave everyone heartbroken,
But little would they know it'd become a valuable lesson
And they'd all recieve a huge blessing.
The story goes on of this man's life,
He'd see all 4 of his daughters become a wife...
He'd see his grandchildren...
And he would see the happiness...
Of that great blessing.
Now back to the hospital room of that baby boy,
The parents decided to name him Troy.
He'd have a great life ahead of him...
He'd just have to live it, love it, and learn from it.

Happy Birthday Dad
Love, Your Daughter

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